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Edward Williams School encourages No Place for Hate

Edward Williams School encourages No Place for Hate

Banners filled the hallways with encouraging signs like “No Place for Hate” and “We are all different, but we all matter.” On Friday, January 20, 2023, Edward Williams students participated in several classroom activities to learn about the No Place for Hate initiative.  

Students created individual projects and led group discussions around anti-bullying. Students learned about bullying and each other's cultures. They shared personal experiences of times they were bullied, helped someone in need, and more.  

“We discussed what makes up our identities and who we are as individual people,” said Randanique Morgan, a sixth-grade student. “We are all different and that is okay.”   

Two students holding hands.

Second-grade students Angelica Cruz-Barrios and Jhonesti White discussed what “No Place for Hate” means to them.   

“We are all different,” said Jhonesti. “You can tell by looking at all of us that we are different, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t friends.”   

“We had so much fun coloring and creating the banner,” said Angelica. “It was fun to work together with everyone.”   

Each grade worked together to cover an overall theme that was summarized on each grade’s banner. All themes focused on anti-bullying.   

“Everyone is on board from pre-k to eighth grade,” said Assistant Principal Gregory Casey. “It is really great to see everyone come together.”  

“At Edward Williams, there is no place for hate,” Principal Dr. Crystal Waterman said.

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